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Depot steroids lead to an accumulation of the drug in the body and thus increase the risk further. Therefore steroids with short-term effects for women are appropriate. Advantage in all short-term and esters -Wirkstoffen is besides the fact that fewer androgens in the body accumulate, the ability to act swiftly at possibly occurring side effects.

If z. B Setting a deepening of the voice, so you can use an active ingredient such as oxandrolone immediately and within the next few days, he then left the body generally. Imagine, however, issues a at a depot steroid such. As nandrolone decanoate, with a half-life of about 6 days, the remaining duration of action will have to be eating, with the hope that not happen more adverse effects. The last possible rescue can at this point spironolactone ( “Aldactone”) or Aminogluthethimid ( “Orimeten”) are used, since these drugs reduce the proven androgen.

A very good reason in favor of the use of short-term ester has told me a friendly professional bodybuilder. The known despite their impressive mass and definition for their extremely feminine aura is: Instead of testosterone propionate to inject every day or every other day, which due to the relatively short half-life is a must for a constant effect is, they injected only once every three to four days. Immediately after onset it is benefiting approximately two days of a strong anabolic and androgenic effect which very positive effect on muscle growth and physical strength. By can fall through the generous injection intervals repeatedly to androgen, she learns claims to less virilization.

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