Women Cutting Products

  • A calorie deficit is essential to the diet success
  • Fats are not bad, but much more important part of any slimming process
  • Increased protein intake may be useful during a reduction phase
  • An additional building muscle while dieting tends unlikely

Here the best products for your cutting:

With a diet plan begin Fitness Athletinen about 3-4 months before the eigentlichem COMPETITION or photo opportunity. Most women engage in their diet for the proven for fitness athletes and bodybuilders variant of the “low carb” diet. Thus, the metabolism really gets up to speed and “reduce body fat” the goal can be reached, the cardio is increased from two to five workouts a week from that date. Depending on the progress of the scope and intensity of cardio is adapted to the current form. It is important that you do not overdo it with the cardio workout because you can lose very quickly to muscle through the related overtraining. Therefore, start the tip from us with 2-3 units per week, see how responsive your body and then slowly and gradually increase the intensity, frequency and duration of the training.

To increase the physical performance we recommend consuming 3g creatine per day.

No diet plan without Cheat Day!

At the beginning of each diet called “Cheat Days” should be part of any diet plan. Cheat Days are important for the psyche, motivation at every diet plan and head up the metabolism again correctly. An intelligent Cheat Day should be roughly of the same amounts of protein and fat, as prescribed in their diet plan. On this day, so you may reward you for 6 days diet. Many athletes eat at Cheat Day like cakes, pizza or spaghetti tasty, but do not overdo it. Our products support you best in your diet phase. The results are as a rule, enormous!