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Tadalafil is the newest drug in the fight against “Erectile Dysfunction” (impotence). Just like its predecessor Sildenafil Tadalafil blocks the enzyme “PDE5”, which results in more blood enters the corpora cavernosa and therefore an erection can be achieved more easily. Even a single dose of 10-20mg only brought within 15-30 minutes the desired result. Apart from the lower required amount of active ingredient Tadalafil is beyond even longer than the popular sildenafil, which has in turn attracted worldwide Berühmheit under the drug name “Viagra”. In addition to its ability to increase blood flow to the penis, tadalafil also supports blood flow to the muscles. For bodybuilders, this means not only towards a better muscle pump during exercise, but also an increased nutrient supply to the muscles. Who Tadalafil already being used, can confirm that this drug blood flow even many hours after taking hold even higher in the muscles than normal. If it uses for evening. B. before sexual activity and then trained the next day, so you will notice an improved pump effect during training definitely.

Competitive bodybuilders Tadalafil can use on the day of the championship, to bring about the vascularity of muscles better and to facilitate the pumping backstage.

The expected side effects result in flushes (hot flashes and flushing), nasal congestion, neck pain and headaches, elevated blood pressure, dizziness, and at worst, for many users, perhaps “best” case of priapism.

A Absetzprogramm is not required for tadalafil.

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