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Salbutamol for extreme weight loss

Although salbutamol does not belong to the group of anabolic steroids, anabolic effect on the striated muscles is discussed. Since 2012 Salbutamol is (not only by bodybuilders) used as a means to burn body fat faster.

For the loss of body fat Salbutamol is one of the first choice. In the first 3-6 weeks, many users see a slightly elevated body temperature (thermogenesis). In addition, the calories are utilized better while taking salbutamol. Thus fewer calories into body fat are converted. Therefore Salbutamol is already something of a must for the preparation for a competition. Thermogenesis declines after 3-6 weeks. At this point you should have a break of salbutamol. The salbutamol dosage would raise no advantage. Rather more side effects.

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