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Prolactin Inhibitor information

Prolactin Inhibitor are drugs which inhibit prolactin secretion. This inhibition occurs through their action as dopamine antagonist. The drug (Prolactin Inhibitor) is used by bodybuilders and strength athletes used to prolactin prevent side effects. Prolactin side effects caused by the ingestion of certain anabolic steroids.
Prolactin Inhibitor are for example at trenbolone, nandrolone and DHT derivatives such as bsp. Oxymetholon sense.

Prolactin Inhibitor are so used to this serious side effects on the health of the steroid user to avoid!

Prolactin is a single chain peptide. Very similar to the growth hormone. It is secreted in the anterior portion of the pituitary gland. Known also as Lactotrophs. In addition, prolactin is synthesized by many other cells in the body and secreted. E.g .: in the immune cells, the brain, and in women by the decidua, and the uterus of pregnant women – apart.
The most common adverse event by bodybuilders is the development of excess breast tissue and milk production. (Tren gyno). Here are the development of the mammary glands and milk production to the significant impact. The other predominant side effect is sexual dysfunction. So the loss of libido. I suspect that the average male bodybuilder will have nothing to do with any of this.

Prolactin Inhibitor act like dopamine!

Prolactin Inhibitor already inhibit the secretion of prolactin, because it is a dopamine receptor antagonist. This means that it acts on dopamine receptors in the same manner as dopamine itself on the body. Ie. Prolactin Inhibitor act like dopamine! Dopamine acts as a Prolactin Inhibitor! Namely, where it binds the signals for these receptors! Thus, the synthesis and secretion of prolactin is set. While dopamine is the ability to inhibit the secretion of prolactin – it has many other functions in the body. Prolactin Inhibitor are able to mimic the action of dopamine!

These features include a feeling of well-being or satisfaction. Caused by a chemical reaction of Prolactin Inhibitor (dopamine).

It has even been shown that dopamine receptor antagonists such as Prolactin Inhibitor help to free smoking from their vices. Prolactin Inhibitor thus increase the probability of successfully quit smoking! Prolactin Inhibitor (Dopamine) can also help the brain function to improve! For this reason, prolactin blockers are sometimes prescribed patients with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, blockers can help the average user in the improvement of his motor functions prolactin thus. The main reason for the use of Prolactin Inhibitor for anabolic steroids users is to avoid prolactin side effects! Anabolic steroids have high levels of prolactin, are compounds derived primarily nandrolone and nandrolone. Steroids such as Deca Durabolin, trenbolone and Durabolin can all have these side effects!

For this reason, athletes Prolactin Inhibitor should already for Kurstart hand have to respond at the first sign of side effects can now!

Athletes report that Prolactin Inhibitor reduce snoring!