Ovigil HCG – Buy cheap Ovigil HCG

Advantages of Ovigil HCG use:

  • Ovigil HCG increases testosterone levels.
  • Ovigil HCG increases the production of testosterone.
  • Ovigil HCG increases spermatogenesis.
  • Ovigil HCG increases the breakdown of body fat.
  • Ovigil HCG enhances sexual desire.

Ovigil HCG in Sports & Bodybuilding

Ovigil HCG and its use by athletes and bodybuilders in particular to increase testosterone levels. This hormone is important for maintaining good health, muscle mass and strength. With the decline inevitable to lose weight, strength and wellbeing. When is the decrease risky? Especially at the end of steroid cycles or after discontinuation of doping substances. It is therefore appropriate, Ovigil HCG integrated into the PCT.

In sports, there are two versions of the use of HCG Ovigil:

During a steroid cycle – a steroid treatment (combat testicular atrophy).
After the end of the cycle – the cure (the beginning of testosterone production).

Available literature leads the dose of 2000 – 5000 IU Ovigil every fifth day for 21 days. The application is implemented in two ways, either by intramuscular injection or subcutaneous (under the skin). It is interesting that in the past Ovigil HCG was used for supportive treatment of obesity in diabetics.

Possible Ovigil HCG side effects:

As with other drugs, the use of HCG involves certain risks. In most cases, these gynecomastia, or pain and tenderness of the injection site. Men have recorded increased water retention in the body (swollen ankles, or limbs).