Nandrolone – anabolic Steroid

Nandrolone – Chemical Structure and possible side-effects

Structurally nandrolone is very similar to testosterone, although it has one carbon atom less. Namely, at the C-19 position (hence its other common chemical name 19-nortestosterone). Nandrolone is therefore a much weaker androgen than testosterone. Even its metabolites are blessed with significantly less harmful properties!

Although nandrolone is metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, so in this case is the result Dihydronandrolon. This metabolite is even weaker androgen as the starting product. Side effects such as acne, hair loss, increased body hair, masculinization and prostate problems are unlikely to occur with nandrolone.

Nandrolone – the benefits of using:

The conversion rate of nandrolone is estrogen in only 1/5 of, so that it is therefore rarely comes from testosterone to estrogen and gynecomastia induced adiposity. However nandrolone or its metabolite 19-norprogesterone seems a very large binding affinity for the progesterone receptors have. This can in sensitive individuals cause problems with the mammary glands, water storage and loss of libido. On the other hand, this mechanism is not properly researched. In normal doses to such side effects can also be found rarely. Since experimental athletes but also Nandrolone have overdosed restraint in recent years, unfortunately, the range of possible side effects has expanded.

Nandrolone – water storage:

Toxic effects on the liver, kidneys, etc. are not to be expected with nandrolone. Negative effects on blood lipids are not documented.

Again and again Nandrolone is said extreme water retention. In reality, this occurs but highly individual and is not more pronounced than with comparable doses of testosterone in individual cases. Who here has concerns should try it with nandrolone phenylpropionate. Rapid-acting esters cause here generally less problems. This is not because another effect of these preparations. From dissolved ester and released into the bloodstream, nandrolone only Nandrolone is and acts the same. But by the shorter duration, it is usually to fluctuation of the level in the blood plasma. The concentration of the active ingredient in the blood keeps falling off in between and the tips are not so high, so that side effects can not so extremely manifest.

Who goes to a competition tested on doping should be at least 18 months ago to make a large sheet nandrolone. As long as may in any case prove the breakdown products of nandrolone doping investigators today namely.

Effects and applications of nandrolone:

Nandrolone combines a moderate anabolic effect with improved regeneration and good strength gains. In the lower doses it (up to 400 mg) is milligram for milligram effective than testosterone. This is mainly due to the stronger binding affinity to the androgen receptor. For beginners, therefore, the simple application of 200-300 mg Nandrolone / Deca per week is common and usually leads to very satisfactory results without implying an excessive risk to health will be discussed.

However, most stacken testosterone in any form to a bid to boost the strength and size increase even further. Depending on the putative development and body weight of the athlete 150 to 1500 mg of testosterone with 150 to 1000 mg nandrolone be combined. Doses above 750 mg testosterone and 400 mg Deca Nandrolone also lead but rarely give better results.
Since both steroids (testosterone / nandrolone) are non-toxic and more make for a slow, steady growth, has a long duration of treatment (min. 12 weeks) usual.

The famous Nandrolone (Deca) / Dbol Mass Stack:

At this point the famous Deca / Dbol stack should be mentioned. This combination has fallen in recent years rather discredited. Generations of bodybuilders have sworn it. Dan Duchaine, the late steroid guru of 80’s and 90 wrote in his famous, infamous Underground Steroid Handbook II:
Who gets no muscles for nandrolone Deca and Dianabol, in which nothing else will help, no matter how it turned out is. (…) For Men is the best tolerated steroid combination, the best results take 20 mg Dianabol / day + 200 mg nandrolone Deca / week. Nothing works better and faster without the side effects of testosterone and oxymetholone.

In fact, the Deca / Dbol Stack for pure mass and strength building is extremely effective. The extraordinary thing is that with relatively low dosages impressive results can be achieved. This is also true for advanced athletes and competitive athletes. In this group, the dose is set higher in the rule. But here are 40-50 mg Dianabol / methandienone and 400-600 mg nandrolone absolutely sufficient. For most likely 300-400 mg nandrolone and 20-30 mg Dbol be optimal. Since Dianabol is liver toxic (especially at higher doses) taking usually is limited to 8-12 weeks and then either continued treatment with Deca / nandrolone alone or alternated with testosterone. Many stacken Testo anyway, from the outset in order to counteract any problems with libido. For this purpose, a small dose of testosterone sufficient (for example, 150-200 mg testosterone propionate / week).

Nandrolone in medical therapy:

Nandrolone is also the best researched anabolic agents in the therapy of AIDS. 400 mg / week applied by default – while 100 are in the US. is combined nandrolone here often with oxandrolone. Oxandrolone has very low for a 17 Alpha Oral side effects. It is hardly toxic and non-androgen. In fact I can not think of a stack, the older athletes and recreational bodybuilders would for athletes who are concerned about their health better than 150 – 250 milligrams Testo / week + 150 – 200 milligrams Nandrolone / week + 20 – 30 mg oxandrolone / day. This stack is conceivable as long-term therapy with minimal health risk. Certainly better than the time-mega dose Testo bombardment, which is organized by so many.

A persistent faith also, nandrolone would somehow lubricate the joints, even in small doses, and thus allow a pain-free training in inflammation. The true but in principle at all strong osmotic (water retention) steroids (testosterone, Dianabol). Nandrolone here takes no special position. Also, this effect should not be overstated. I’ve learned not make athletes know, would have been the case of persistent and severe inflammation helped with a bit of nandrolone.

Last is always maintained again, Deca would act only in conjunction with a very high protein diet. All anabolic steroids associated with hard, regular exercise increase the metabolic rate, the conversion of the body’s own protein and have an anti-catabolic. An increased intake of dietary proteins is therefore always desirable. Again at Nandrolone can nothing special to be found. On the contrary, drugs such as trenbolone or very high doses of testosterone seem so far to have a much more pronounced effect.

Side effects // Nandrolone

Nandrolone does have a wide range of side effects when it is used for a long time. When used at low doses, the side effects are rare and minor. Infact, except for bloating and nausea, most people do not notice anything significant. However, at high doses, the most common side effects include:

  • fatigue, tiredness – low by Nandrolone
  • weight gainwater retention – low by Nandrolone
  • acneoily skin – low by Nandrolone

Women // Nandrolone

Because Nandrolone can cause virilization with signs like deepening of voice, excessive hair growth, acne, enlargement of the clitoris and menstrual irregularities, this drug should be avoided. Many of the side effects of nandrolone disappear once Nandrolone is stopped, but the masculanizing features are not always reversible. The dose in females is about 50-100mg / week. Females should stay with the low dose to avoid the development of virilizing effects.

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