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The field of use of methyltestosterone is the power structure and the mass building bodybuilding. Methyltestosterone has a strong anabolic component and a strong androgenic component. Methyltestosterone flavored into estrogens. In addition, a conversion into DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is possible. In methyltestosterone is one of the first orally-available steroids in general.

Methyltestosterone information:

Nowadays methyltestosterone in bodybuilding will only very rarely attention. This is done for a good reason. Since orally administered testosterone during the first-pass effect in the liver is almost completely inactivated, it has attached to the drug at the C-17 alpha-position is a methyl group. The so-called 17-alpha-alkylation. This methylation protects the testosterone now at least partially during the first-pass effect. Unfortunately, it makes the orally administered methyltestosterone thus also potentially highly damaging liver (liver toxic). Not least for this reason, it is best to take methyltestosterone for no longer than 4-6 weeks at a time.

Flavoring of methyl testosterone to estrogen:

Another point, why this drug is rarely used in bodybuilding, lies in its high Aromatisierungspotential. The methyltestosterone converts namely in 17-Methylöstradiol. One biologically even more active form of estrogen. The case observed puffing effect is equated roughly with the Oxymetholons. Therefore we can say that more than 90 percent of the weight gain achieved practically consists of pure water and fat accumulations. Athletes who place value on their appearance, should already take alone for this reason of the active substance methyltestosterone distance. Anyone who thinks they could this effect by means of an aromatase get at is mistaken. Since these assets align nothing against the mentioned estrogen form.

Methyltestosterone further converted, as well as regular testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The case typical side effects such as oily skin, acne, hair growth on the body and head hair loss, occur mostly already on relatively shortly after taking the start. The use of finasteride (DHT blockers) can help in such cases.

Application of methyltestosterone:

The only sensible and justifiable use of methyltestosterone is found in sports where a high aggression and power potential are needed. The appearance, however, more or less does not matter. For example, in boxing, wrestling or powerlifting. Methyltestosterone may in this case be taken about an hour before training / competition. The effect can be felt clearly and quickly, in particular if the athlete receives the methyltestosterone sublingually. That can melt on the tongue. In this case the androgen receptors in the central nervous system are stimulated directly. The standard dosage is used for this purpose usually 25-50mg. However, this approach should not become the rule and be applied at every workout. Methyltestosterone should be consumed only on special occasions. If you want to make as a bodybuilder more intense training, which is instead probably rather use ephedrine, since this also has a stimulant effect.

In summary to say that the potential side effects of methyltestosterone are in no relation with the bodybuilders for (small) positive results and can only be discouraged from use in this area. Those interested in muscle mass and strength, should clearly prefer an injectable testosterone. Who is primarily about power and the motivational factor before training goes, is also better off with ephedrine.

Dosage and administration of methyltestosterone

As already mentioned, the active substance methyltestosterone is not suitable for regular use. Who still want to lend its construction a kickstart, or whom the potential negative side effects do not matter, usually takes 2.5-100mg methyltestosterone per day for a maximum of 4-6 weeks. The daily dose should be divided between at least 2-3 smaller individual doses so as not to overload the liver. Likewise, in order to achieve a more constant drug levels in the blood due to the short half-life. Furthermore, it is recommended to take methyltestosterone with food. To minimize potential gastrointestinal complaints due to the 17-alpha-alkylation.
Who wants to use methyltestosterone as a training booster to increase the aggressiveness and power, takes 25- 50mg one hour prior to training and can dissolve the active substance, ideally on the tongue. Here the application on empty or half-empty lean is generally more effective than on a full stomach.

For beginners and women the methyltestosterone due to the high potential for side effects and the relatively low working efficiency is absolutely not recommended.

Discontinuation of methyltestosterone

Since methyltestosterone highly engaged with the body’s endocrine system, an intensive post-cycle therapy is advisable.

Methyltestosterone is one of the oldest available oral steroids. It is produced by many various manufacturers and sold in a number of countries including the U.S.. It is quite androgenic, with minimal anabolic effects. For athletic purposes, methyltestosterone is generally only used to stimulate aggression among power lifters and those looking to boost up their workouts.

The half-life of methyltestosterone is about 3 hours!

Molecular formula: C20H30O2
Molecular weight: 302,451