Hygetropin CN

Hygetropin CN / Information

Hygetropin CN is a 191 amino acid sequence of the highest quality. Hygetropin asia is identical to the body’s own human growth hormone.

Hygetropin CN / Product description

Hygetropin CN (Human Growth Hormone = Growth Hormone Hygetropin) is known in the field of bodybuilding for many years. Hygetropin in combination with intensive training is the most effective way, quickly and above all durable build muscle mass without the use of anabolic steroids. Scientists who have studied this hormone are unanimous – Hygetropin is what affects the closest to the “Fountain of Youth” in terms of positive effects on the body, the mind and the energy level.

Hygetropin CN / Use

  • Hygetropin CN increases muscle mass and muscle strength
  • Hygetropin CN reduced massively body fat
  • Hygetropin CN improves skin texture and elasticity of the skin (youthful skin is the result)
  • Hygetropin CN reduces wrinkles and facial muscles Grekonstruiert = slows aging / Anti Aging
  • Hygetropin CN improved hair growth and nail growth
  • Hygetropin CN increases libido and sense of sexual satisfaction
  • Hygetropin CN produces a deep and restful sleep
  • Hygetropin CN brings more energy and well-being
  • Hygetropin CN improves the immune system
  • Hygetropin CN increased bone mass
  • Hygetropin CN protects the tissues and organs against catabolism
  • Hygetropin CN improved regeneration
  • Hygetropin CN has a tonic effect on all minor injuries of athletes such as tendonitis, elongation, sore elbows, etc.

In women Hygetropin taken effects especially because of the unique anti-aging. Anti-Aging (slows aging)

Hygetropin CN / HGH in medicine

Alle am Markt befindlichen HGH Präparate sind zugelassen zur Behandlung von Kindern mit Minderwuchs infolge nicht ausreichender körpereigener Wachstumshormone durch Hypophysenvorderlappeninsuffizienz (GHD). Indikationserweiterungen einzelner Warenzeichen betreffen:

All HGH supplements on the market are approved for the treatment of children with short stature due to inadequate endogenous growth hormone by hypopituitarism (GHD). Additional indications of individual trademarks concern:
1.Ullrich Turner syndrome (UTS, TS), secured by chromosome analysis
2.Substitutionstherapie in adults with pronounced growth hormone deficiency, who was diagnosed with two different functional tests. In addition, this must be due for a first growth hormone deficiency in adulthood by a disorder of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland and there is a lack of at least one other hormone (except prolactin).
3.Kleinwuchs in prepubertal children due to chronic renal failure (CRI)
4.Small for gestational age (SGA)
5.Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS)
6. Sensational results were determined by the treatment as in autoimmune diseases (ex. Crohn’s disease, colitis, rheumatism, …).