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Exemestane (aromatase inhibitor) information:

History exemestane

Exemestane to treat the drug to treat breast cancer in women. Much like Arimidex, it is a member of the aromatase inhibitor class of drugs. The original manufacturer was Pharmacia & Upjohn, but today Pfizer is the most popular drug company that sells Exemestane. Exemestane was approved by the FDA in 1999 and has become very popular in post-menopausal women in the world.

Science exemestane

Exemestane is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor (AI), which means it permanently disables the enzyme aromatase, when it binds to them. In plain language, exemestane is recovering the currently bound enzymes from, that’s what separates prevent this drug letrozole or anastrozole. If you, they temporarily stop other AI estrogen from flavoring, but if you stop taking them the same enzymes can cause rebound, what is known as “estrogen rebound”. This explains why some anabolic steroid users experience when using other AI gynecomastia (bitch tits) after cycle. Studies on breast cancer patients have shown exemestane estrogen levels reduced up to 85%.

Use exemestane in bodybuilding

Certain anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) is converted to estrogen in the body. All testosterone esters, nandrolones, Dianabol and boldenone are examples. If not controlled, the user runs the risk of various types of estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia (bitch tits), water retention, blood pressure and heart problems. There is a domino effect that can occur when estrogen out of control. Imagine carrying around two liters of water throughout the day!

The user can feel rundown and tired notice the rising blood pressure, and the motivation drops. These side effects are to defeat the purpose of the current steroids in the first place. In addition, high levels of estrogen, as coming out of a cycle, disturb natural testosterone levels in the restoration of the body.

On the other hand, if you have a hard AI running removes too much estrogen, it can also have negative effects on libido, mood and dry joints. Since exemestane is a suicide aromatase inhibitor, you should control the dosage and tailoring it to work for your cycle. Not only use random doses without your whole steroid cycle.

Exemestane versus Arimidex

As shown above, the main advantage is exemestane is no estrogen to prevent rebound by permanent deactivation of the enzyme aromatase, while Arimidex not. Although, Arimidex is easier to control with respect to the short-term metering; has meaning, with short cycles under 8 weeks there is no need to kill all your estrogen production.

Exemestane compared letrozole

Letrozole (LETRO) to be too strong and too tough known. When using higher doses of LETRO, many bodybuilders complain of reduced libido and mild depression. This is disabled because of aromatase in the brain of letrozole use. It is crucial to control estrogen during the cycle, but you should never paralyze, or you can make unwanted pages. Although estrogen is a female hormone, men still have to work it. As with Arimidex, LETRO can not boast a suicide AI.

Side Effects exemestane

In use bodybuilding and steroids, are the side effects that rarely with exemestane when. In an appropriate dosage Some guys will complain of joint pain from dryness, so if that happens, the dosage has to be brought down. Pages among women are much more common, because, even if the dosages are similar to the female body to respond differently to AI as a male will. In addition, females will take this drug / exemestane over a longer time to load, compared to a steroid user. Bottom line is, the side effects of under an AI for a male on cycle is not much more of a risk.

Exemestane doses

This is performed depending on the individual and the amount of flavoring compounds of the person. Generally a good starting dose is 12.5 mg exemestane ED (every day) or 25mg EOD (every other day). The user must use work blood, to see how their body is at the initial dose they react select and adapt it as necessary. Experienced anabolic steroid users will usually find a dose like and stick to it without problems. Like I said, when you realize common problems start then the dose should be reduced; on the other hand, if you remember to not run the estrogen pages, such as swollen or tender breasts and water retention, it is time to increase the dosage.

The half-life of exemestane

According to literature, the half-period of 25 to 27 hours, which means you can easily get away with taking exemestane every other day or once a day.

Exemestane is an active ingredient from the group of aromatase, which is used for additional treatment of postmenopausal women with breast cancer. The effects are due to the irreversible inhibition of the enzyme aromatase, which is responsible for the formation of estrogens. The tablets are taken once daily after a meal, and always at the same time of day. The side effects are largely due to the estrogen depletion and therefore resemble menopausal symptoms. The most common possible side effects include hot flashes, fatigue, headache, insomnia, increased sweating, nausea, joint and musculoskeletal pain.

Exemestane dose-independent increase luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and thus provides a fast dominance of male sex hormones, thus an increase in performance occurs.

Exemestane is used to prevent excessive aromatase production further prevent testosterone after gifts.

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