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Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone (Oral Turinabol) Application:

Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone is for the force – used & mass building and especially for preparing for competitions. Furthermore, this steroid (Oral Turinabol) is often used by women.

  • Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone has a strong anabolic component
  • Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone has low androgenic component

Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone (Oral Turinabol) Information:

Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone is better known under the name Turinabol, bwz. Oral-Turinabol). Chlorodehydromethyl Testosterone has long been the agent of choice for athletes of the former GDR. The little blue pills (also known as Blue Lightning) were usually administered without the knowledge of the athletes. The athletes thought it were dealing with vitamin tablets. They had no idea that it is anabolic steroids.

Benefits & Information Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone:

This extremely interesting steroid has a predominantly anabolic and only moderately androgenic. In direct comparison with Methandrostenolone the Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone shows an approximately eight times weaker androgenic and a half as strong anabolic effect. Therefore, the effect of testosterone on Chlorodehydromethyl the external appearance of the body lies somewhere between stanozolol and Methandrostenolone.

When Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone supplementation leads to an increase in solid muscle mass and a good strength gains. However, these achievements are highly dose dependent. While at daily dosages of 10-20mg in male athletes not much happened, so the harttrainierende bodybuilders can enjoy at 40-60mg per day on a good, solid muscle mass growth. Coupled with a very respectable force also profit. The lower androgenicity of Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone explains the past widespread use in female athletes. Although virilization in former East German athletes were on the agenda.

Short half-life of Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone

Up to a certain extent the success with anabolic / androgenic steroids of the supplied amount are dependent. So even when Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone. The greater the delivered dose, the higher the expected blood concentration of the active ingredient, and thus the effect. (Drug concentration). Taking 10mg Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone increases the blood concentration by about 1.5 times, while the concentration of 40mg can already increase by 4.5 times.

Athletes who now run out, however, the fact that 100 mg Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone would therefore lead to even better results should be warned, as in such dosage ranges, the side effects, especially with respect to the liver burden, are unpredictable.

But not only due to the positive characteristics on physical performance and muscle growth was “Oral-Turinabol” the agent of choice at the time. The active ingredient is also still very quickly degraded by the body (the half-life of Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone is about 16 hours). What Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone could be used even in doping tested Championships. It was enough here from completely if the athlete or the athlete exposed 5-7 days before the test taking. even dosages of 50mg / day were, if used as a single agent, up to 5 days before the test as safe.

Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone – Other benefits:

Positive when issuing Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone also notice that it is not nearly as severely impairs the body’s own testosterone production such Methandrostenolone. Due to this, this also usually short time after weaning is fully intact again.

The side effects talk at reasonable dosages in the range of 20-40mg Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone per day in limits, occasional reports of elevated liver values. Since Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone due to its structure can not aromatize to estrogen, estrogen also such. As increased water and fat accumulation of typical problem areas are related problems, unlikely.

Even at high doses between 60 and 100mg per day are rarely observed any estrogen-related side effects. Women, however, should already be cautious when low-dose use. You should always start with the lowest possible dose to determine the body’s tolerance.
Many athletes regret the production stop of “Oral Turinabol”, as it was to relate usually plentiful (with the appropriate prescription) in German pharmacies. Meanwhile, however, preparations with Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone are available again.

Dosage and administration of testosterone Chlorodehydromethyl:

Athletes of all sports use 20-40mg per day, the total daily dosage is divided due to the half-life in three single doses. Women mostly use a lower dosage in the range of 5-20mg / day. Bodybuilders can achieve with Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone as a single agent at doses of 40-60mg / day good growth. As regards both the physical strength and the Muskefmasse.

Some athletes use up to 100mg Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone per day, resulting in a very good strength and muscle, but also to an enormous liver burden. The maximum intake period should not exceed 6-8 weeks due to this potential liver burden. The length of treatment Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone thus extends thanks to 17-alpha-alkylation of tablets over 6 to 8 weeks.

Discontinuation of Chlorodehydromethyl testosterone:

Since this drug the body’s hormone production limits only slightly, extended post-cycle therapy are uncommon. Weaning with clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen and anti-catabolic (z. B. phosphatidylserine) and cell volume-enhancing (z. B. creatine and glutamine) means sufficient, if used as the sole active ingredient, from.

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