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While other oral steroids (17-alphaalkylated steroids) have to survive the first pass of the liver first before they must be active in the body, this step is omitted with testosterone undecanoate. This is due to the fact, that this testosterone a Undacanoat ester gets appended. This makes it possible to penetrate the testosterone undecanoate directly via the lymphatics to the muscle. Before the liver makes testosterone ineffective. Approximately 5 hours after taking the testosterone the testosterone level thereby reaches its peak in the blood. After about 10 hours after the application,this falls back to the original value. This explains why testosterone undecanoate has to be taken several times a day. However, the absorption rate is minimal (about 5% 10% of the dosage depending on the individual).
In order to obtain satisfactory results, the daily dose would be about 10 tabs.

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Compared with testosterone undecanoates in tablet form, the half life of injections is different. Here the half life is given as about 40 days. Testosterone undecanoate is used in medicine as a hormone replacement therapy. Here the injection interval (1000 mg / injection) is at 10-14 weeks. In the case of testosterone undecanoate (Nebido), the injection is delivered into the body from the injected active ingredient, 10 mg daily constantly. This provides you with a constant testosterone level. The testosterone level in men is average given as 7.5 mg.

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